TGFS-EP191-Throwback Week-Brexit-Istanbul Terror Attack-Mr.T&Fuse Drinks And Bad Energy

TGFS-EP-191 – Throwback Week: Brexit-stanbul terror attack-VP Parade is back downtown-Mr.T and Fuse Drinks and bad Energy

Songs by: Shai Linne, D-Maub, Dre Sr, Mac Da Doulos, Young Josh, Chrys Jones, St. Alien, K-Drama, J’son, Rio, Malachi


TOPIC 1: Brexit

Why Americans should celebrate the Brexit vote

It’s Independence Day For Great Britain!?

Dr. James Dobson calls Trump ‘a baby Christian’

TOPIC 2: Istanbul terror attack: 41 killed; airport resumes flights amid blood, shattered glass

Istanbul terror attack: Erdogan says Turkey will not be divided

OUTRO: VP Parade is back downtown — and nationwide,

Check out Mr. T in the Fuse Tea Campaign

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