TGFS-EP-197-Water Park Accident-Olymipc Divers give shout out to Jesus-That last car note feeling

TGFS-EP-197-Water Park Accident-200 Years until Blacks catch up to White wealth- Olymipc Divers give shout out to Jesus- R.I.P. John Saunders-ShoutOUt to Dee-1 and That last car note feeling! Lynne B Speakes! Talk To’em Lynne B! C’mon Now!

Songs By: Dee-1, Deraj, B. Cooper, Double, Shonlock, Uncle Reece, Verbel Kwest, Parialell, Selah the Corner, Dream Junkies, Enkourage, Blaze, Maskerad, Reggie Roc, Jared Sanders, Mouthpiece, Taelor Gray

TOPIC 1:  Water Park Accident

Caleb Schwab, Son of Christian Lawmaker, Was Decapitated During Schlitterbahn Water Park Accident

Brother of Boy Decapitated on Kansas Waterslide saw accident after pair were separated at last moment due to raft weight.

Amusement park death highlights need for safety

TOPIC 2: 200 Years until Blacks catch up to White wealth

Blacks will take hundreds of years to catch up to white wealth.. Read Article Here

And Video HERE

Outro:  Divers give shout out to Jesus Christ at Olympics

USA Divers Tell NBC Reporter They Won Silver Medals Thanks to Their ‘Identity in Christ’


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