TGFS-EP-199-Black family of geniuses-Natural Disaster Report-Chemist tainted evidence

This week is THROWBACK as we play some of the CHH songs from the past!! The crew also discusses the Earthquake in Italy and what to do (and what not to do) in a earthquake. Man@Arms apologizes to the people of Iowa for anything that is said that may be disrespectful, prior to taking over the place. We don’t want the natives to revolt as we take the state over.  The takeover plan is revealed at this time..We discuss family of 11 (9 children) or ‘The Black Family of Geniuses’ and a chemist tainted 24,000 drug test..  tune in for the live show next Thursday at 8CST! Live video and audio from!  Our 200thepisode!! Show will broadcast live on Thursday, Sept 1st, 2016.

Throwback songs by: Bro Remixx aka The Messenger, Rhema Soul, Q The Prophet, Upton (of G.A.S.), J’son, 24/7 aka Burgside Records ft. Chrys Jones and JCS, Messenja, YSG Timothy, D-Maub, Flame.

TOPIC 1: Natural Disaster Report

Hundred’s Dead In Italy Earthquake

Louisiana’s sinking coast a $100 billion nightmare for Big Oil (Not So Natural I Guess?)

TOPIC 2: Chemist tainted evidence

Chemist May Have Tainted 24,000 Court Cases

Topic: Black family of geniuses.

Black Family of Geniuses – Meed The Bush Family


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