TGFS-EP-199.1 Xtra Innings-Bigot or a Racist- teacher decides against giving homework-bad teachers

TGFS-EP-199.1 Xtra Innings Show Topics Include: The crew discusses the absence of Lady C.; Man@Arms discusses doing a possible 2nd show re-focusing on the Music, The DJ and all things that occur behind the scenes.  Lynn B discusses briefly Hillary Clintons’ Reno Nevada speech; The crew discusses the differences between a Bigot and a Racist.  What’s the difference?  How is it defined? Can you be a bigot and not a racist? Also discussed is a teacher deciding against giving homework; says there is no research that proves that homework actually helps.  Bad teachers and Lynn B’s experience and fighting back against the system. Lynn B tells her story of one of her teachers that used to not teach class, but ate frosting and let the football players rub on her during class time.  Lastly, tune in for the live show next Thursday at 8CST! Live video and audio from!  Our 200thepisode!! Show will broadcast live on Thursday, Sept 1st, 2016.

No homework policy

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