TGFS-EP-200 or 199 or 246? Also 9 years spinning CHH and more

We finally made it, after almost 10 years, our 200th Episode! Thanks to all for your support over the years as this has been a journey unto itself but it’s been FUN!! On this this show we discuss the Colin Kaepernick situation, do you agree with the protest or don’t you? Media bias and Veteran support.
Also discussed: Chicago Gun Violence, Illegal guns, and the tv show Black Market on the ‘Vice’ Chanel
Last to be discussed is ‘323 reindeer killed by bolt of lightning’!! Say Wha?
(*Disclaimer – sorry if the audio isn’t 100% okay, this was a live episode, the first of it’s kind in years! Also, the K.I.D. was present for this episode, however, there was an issue with microphone which did not record him properly.)
Songs By Reggie Rocc, Dee-1, Dream Junkies, Tony Richards, Hawk House, Brick Flaco, Parillels, Keno Camp, Trap Stars

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