TGFS-EP-212-Trump Doing Stuff-CNN Being Sued for Discrimination-Jeff Fisher contract extension


TGFS-EP-212-Trump Doing Stuff-CNN Being Sued for Discrimination-Jeff Fisher contract extension: The Crew discuss:
Could Ben Carson be the designated survivor?
Taiwan vs. China
Trump Force One!

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CNN Being Sued for Discrimination: Is Van Jones part of the lawsuit, don’t think so. Van Jones Town Hall Meeting

Afraid of BreakFast TownHall Meeting

Brief Discussion concerning the recent shutting down of the website; the difference in the CHH Genre and more.  Read P-Dub’s post on Facebook from the other day.

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Ayo PDub

When West Coast Fiya started, Christian Hip Hop was a very underground and untapped genre. However, there was an innocence about it. It seemed like a naïve, yet spiritually strong movement that we believed would get bigger, better and stronger. West Coast Fiya wanted to be a site that was part of the Christian Hip Hop movement, and wanted to join the other great sites like Dasouth and Holy Culture. We wanted to be the voice of the West Coast for Christian Hip hop, and by the grace of God…We were.

It’s now 2016. Six years later, and wow, has the genre changed. It has changed so much that we no longer want to be a part of it. Now I know many of you will agree with me, and I know even more of you will disagree with me. I’m sure people will say this and that about my decision to shut down the site, but before you crucify me…let me share my heart with you.

What has happened to Christian hip hop? The reason that I ask is because something is missing, something is not right, something feels off….Oh yea, I know what it is…More and more of the Artists today are taking out what Christian hip hop is about….Jesus. Isn’t it bad enough that more and more Artists are no longer “Christian Rappers”. Some pretty big heavy weights of the genre have straight come out and said it. One has said ‘Christian Rapper’ Gives People the Wrong Idea. Oh really? And what type of wrong idea is that my brother? That you spit lyrics for the king? That you keep your music holy and edifying? What’s wrong with that? Another Artist has said “the label is limiting because a lot of people associate “Christian rap” with a bygone era of music that sounds “dated and old and crusty,” So if Christian music is limiting, is God limiting as well? How do people associate Christian Music with a bygone era of music? Is God not the same in ALL eras? Do we have to transform to worldly standards to get a message across?

Look, I know many of you will say that God will use these people in the secular world. Ok, that may be true, and I hope that he does, but why no longer call yourself a “Christian Rapper” When God was allowing you to have gigs, and allowing Christians to buy your music it was OK? It was good enough for you when you were coming up, and no one in the secular record industry knew you, but as soon as you get a taste of the world, and they give you a little shine… you give God the finger, and you’re no longer a Christian Rapper? NO! In my opinion that’s not right, and I along with West Coast Fiya will NOT be a part of promoting your music.

If you don’t want to be known as a “Christian Rapper” then in my opinion, you don’t belong on a “Christian website” promoting your music to “Christian people” and playing venues at “Christian churches”. Go ahead into the world without the God who brought you to where you are. You will quickly see that without him, you are nothing, and to nothing you will return.

West Coast Fiya will be shutting down for good today. We will NOT be coming back. We are tired and sickened by what Christian Hip Hop has become. My flesh wants to put people on blast by name, but that would not edify the body, but cause dissension, and division, so I will not name names, but to those of you who have lied to us, broken agreements, stolen money after services were rendered from us, who have used us to get heard, who only called us when they needed something, who talked about us, judged us,who were fake, who said they didn’t have money to advertise, so we gave you free advertising, but then we see your stuff up on a site that wouldn’t do anything for free…You know who you all are…we forgive you, but we are done. West Coast Fiya cannot, and will not be a part of a Christian hip hop culture that is in most part, no longer Christian. More and More we hear more of you and less of Jesus in the music, and when that happens, it’s time to go. God has been there for us too many times and has gotten us through too many things for us to settle for what Christian hip hop has become. Thank you to those we’ve met along the way who are true soldiers for Jesus, and that would NEVER sell out to make a buck. To those who did support us, thank you for your support, prayers and help in our ministry.

Program Director / Co-Owner
West Coast Fiya

coach jeff fisher

Jeff Fisher’s contract extension met with hilarious criticism | NFL …

6 days ago December 4, 2016 12:24pm EST December 4, 2016 12:13pm EST The public’s opinion of Rams coach Jeff Fisher’s contract extension is, well, …

*Feel Good Moment on TGFS* we discuss the crosswalk guy who simple just waves at passer’s by, smiles and just tells them to have a good day. Truly shows that it doesn’t take much to make an impact.

The Wave

Songs by: Yaves, Dillon Chase, Drew Weeks, Hawk House, Armond Wakeup, Freestyle Fam, Rkitect, Buck Barnabas, Sho Baraka, Chris Jay, iNtellect, Promise, B. Reith, Sadat X, Jurny Big, Sebastian Hochstein

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