TGFS-EP-231-GKvsHannibal MO and Mark Twain-Slaves for sale-Botched robberies-Im FROM St. Louis!-Happy Mothers Day

INTRO: GK’s beef with Hannibal-MO&MarkTwain-Man@Arms adventure to the Old Court House in Downtown STL and other black history spots-who put mud on my car?

TOPIC 1: GK vs Hannibal MO, Slavery and Mark Twain
G.K.’s explains his recent trip with his daughters 8th Grade Trip to Hannibal Mo; Watered down tales of slavery and Mark Twain; Oh and when he got back to St. Louis, he found his car covered in mud! Man…… Oh check out the racist clip from the Movie “Brining Down The House” that man@arms references .. it ain’t right lol …

TOPIC 2: Slaves for sale; Botched robbery leads to robber getting shot in the buttocks; I’m FROM St. Louis SON!…-ad-trnd/index.html.…1717dc30c85.html…bery-police-west/

TOPIC 3: Happy Mothers Day.. but leave that mess at home..Man@Arms transgender bathroom experience
Can’t Make Gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day
Man@Arms transgender bathroom experience .

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Songs By:

1. Troubled Younging – Forerunner Redd
2. Love Unconditional – Just Pierre ft. Tone Jonez
3. Me & My House – Joe Ayinde
4. Let It Breathe – K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E
5. Boy My Head – Gabriel Cannon
6. Wonderland – Tay Collier ft. Latisha E.
7. Churchboi – C.J. King
8. Sippin – ImKai
9. Manifesting When I’m Flexing – Rich Steele
10. New Life – JasonV

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