TGFS-EP-247- Trump vs. the SOBs- Tennessee Church Shooting- Racist Chicken-Throwback Week

 Original Air Date (9-28-17)

Throwback Week!!!

TOPIC 1: Trump vs. the SOBs…afghanistan-2…-free-speech.html…ling-players.html

TOPIC 2: Tennessee Church Shooting story fading quickly…h-police-say.html

TOPIC 3: Racist Chicken…s-county/479008082

Throwback Week w/ Old School Tracks

1. Solar Powered – Brinson ft. D-Maub
2. King – D-Maub
3. Forgiveness – Da’ Truth
4. Chi Alumini – Red Lettaz, Breev Eazie, J Kwest
5. Go Hard – Da Saints
6. Rest of My Days – Big Al ft. Canton Jones
7. Wonderful – Dae Lee
8. My Day Remix – Canton Jones
9. Pull Your Pants Up! – Dooney Da’ Priest
10. Joyful Noise Remix – Flame, ft. Lacrae and Looney 380

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