TGFS-249-NFL MAKING PLAYERS STAND?-RACIST OR NOT-Cosby’s antidote_ Harvey Weinstein

TGFS-249-NFL MAKING PLAYERS STAND-RACIST OR NOT-Cosby’s antidote_ Harvey Weinstein

Original Air Date (10-12-17)

TOPIC 1: NFL Might Make Players Stand Up For National Anthem…anthem-report.html…anthem-controversy

TOPIC 2: Racist or Not?…cist-ad/index.html

TOPIC 3: Cosby’s antidote: Harvey Weinstein…ily-argument.html…-allegations.html

With The Following Songs:

1. St. Marcus – The City
2. Forgive Me – Nav Cash
3. Don’t Cry – Young Noah ft. Jared Sanders and others
4. War Room – COnceptz, S.O.S, Illuminate
5. New Level, Due Season – Mouthpi3ce
6. No Regrets – Bridgewater
7. Still Here – Bumps Inf, ft. Selah The Corner
8. El Presidente – DJ Victor Victorious, Lacrae ft. Selah The Corner
9. Thought They Knew – Bizzle ft. Datin & D-Maub

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