‚ÄčLamario “Mouthpi3ce” Houston is an American Christian Revivalist, Rapper, Producer, and Songwriter. He resides in Atlanta, GA with his Wife and 4 Children. He is most known for his ability to lyrically craft songs heavily filled with theological themes while at the same maintaining a street relevance. He has traveled all across the country sharing his testimony in high schools, detentions centers, and numerous Churches. What separates Mouthpi3ce from those in his field is that he is a die hard preacher at heart. He comes from a long line of Ministers and Pastors, his Father being one along with several Aunts and Uncles. His musical performances are so engulfed with God’s message that it has now become normal for him to be asked to preach Sunday’s services after a Saturday show. Mouthpi3ce and his Wife (Maisah Houston) also are Founders of a Marriage Ministry called “Fighting For Forever. His life’s mission is to be such a willing vessel in the hand of God, to be used without limit. Strongly believing that the God of the Bible is the God of today. By the Grace of God, with every opportunity and platform given may God show up and prove it to both the unbeliever and believer alike.

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