Yo, we have songs by J'son, K-Nine, Chrys Jones, Sho Barraka, D-Maub and more. Man@Arms and G.K. are you host this week on the Special 4th of July Edition. Bottle Rockets and Bullets On The Ground Floor Show! Shout Out to England, thanks for the Independence. Happy 4th Of July! They discuss KG's (Kevin Garnett) "moment" or momentous outburst after the NBA Finals! Classic! This weeks' playlist! 1 The Ultimate Change Regal ft. Cameron 2 The Day I Found You Kaleb Star 3 Heartsick Knowledge 4 He Brought Me Throught Chrys Jones ft. Preach 5 God Work Jabo ft. Urban D 6 Where Would You Be RSwift 7 1 of 1 Knine 8 Secular Praise Sho Baraka 9 Jesus Musik Lacrea ft. K-Drama & Trip Lee ( Godly Life Remix ) 10 Sitting Big Json 11 So Professional-M D-MAUB 12 All Over Me Blue Chip & Specialist 13 Watch yo Mouth Witness ft. J. Johnson 14 Ghetto Cries Sons of Zion