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00-TGFS-EP-259-The Memo-Universal Income-Tractor Beams a Reality?

TOPIC 1: Release the Memo TOPIC 2: Universal Income TOPIC 3: Tractor Beams a Reality? Trump wants Military Parade Space X Falcon launch Songs by: TITLE ... Read More »

February 07, 2018 0

01-TGFS-259.1 Xtra Innings-Spiritual Abuse in the church

Spiritual Authority (covering) Video Full Sermon about Authority (Covering) Covering Theology Signs of Spiritual Abuse

February 07, 2018 0

00-TGFS-EP-258-State of the Union-Racist or not-Drug Dealers vs B-More PD

TOPIC 1: State of the Union address TOPIC 2: Racist or not? Walmart Cleveland Indians Basketball game TOPIC 3: Drug Dealers testify ... Read More »

January 31, 2018 0

01-TGFS-EP-258.1 Xtra Innings-Trump VS Jay-Z-Black History Quotes-Frederick Douglas Facts

Extra Innings: Trump vs. Jay Z Plan hidden in Tax Bill Black History Quotes Frederick Douglas Facts|4

January 31, 2018 0

00-TGFS-EP-257-Cape Town Running Out of Water-Churches Destroyed In China–XFL and More

TOPIC 1: Cape Town, South Africa running out of water TOPIC 2: Churches Demolished in China TOPIC 3: Orangutan Houdini with Songs by: TITLE ... Read More »

January 24, 2018 0

00-TGFS-EP-256- Trump and the Blankholes- H&M Follow-up-GK’s Moment

TOPIC 1: Trump and the Blankholes TOPIC 2: H&M Follow-up TOPIC 3: GK’s Car Stolen…Did God Allow it? Is GK being punished? Should ... Read More »

January 17, 2018 0

00-TGFS-EP-253-Texas Church Shooting-Senator Rand Paul Attacked-UCLA players shoplifting in China

TGFS-EP-253-Texas Church Shooting-Senator Rand Paul Attacked-UCLA players shoplifting in China TOPIC 1: Texas Church Shooting TOPIC 2: Senator Rand Paul Attacked TOPIC 3: UCLA players shoplifting in ... Read More »

November 08, 2017 0

00-GFS-EP-252-NY Terror Attack-Democrats Yank Racist Ad-Kevin spacey_ Gay or Child Molester

Original Air Date (11-2-17) TOPIC 1: Terror Attack in NY TOPIC 2: Democrats yank racist ad (Racist or Not?) TOPIC 3: Kevin spacey: Gay or Child Molester? ... Read More »

November 05, 2017 0

00-TGFS-EP-251-Drag Queen Story Hour-Is Math Racist-RIP Benson

Original Air Date (10-26-17) ThrowBack Week!! TOPIC 1: Drag Queen Story Hour TOPIC 2: Is Math racist? (Racist Or Not) TOPIC 3: RIP Benson With The Following Songs For ThrowBack ... Read More »

November 05, 2017 0